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Schedule an online call with your favorite Seller in your local timezone. You can also import into your diary.


Get tailored and secure online digital service delivery using the marketplace’s Service Chat platform.

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Combination items that include a downloadable file and an online bookable call.

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Combination items that include an online bookable call and online service.

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Gaming related Download & Services with multiple delivery options

We’ve made it easy to connect with vetted pro-gamers who want to help take your game to the next level.

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Choose from a range of downloadable digital files across categories including, Guides & Walkthroughs, Stream Customization, Game Art and Game Creation categories.

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Easily schedule online calls with your favorite Seller for gaming sessions, pro-coaching, stream optimization or help with your other gaming challenges.

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Micro-Service Items

Get tailored online service delivery from your favorite Seller based on your specific needs – using our Service Chat platform that includes final delivery approval.

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Quick Answer

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Where can I get support after buying an item?

If after purchasing an item you need some support,  you can reach out on our marketplace support page. The Help Center may also be a useful to get help.

If the support is item specific you may need to reach out to the Seller directly – just remember to check out their support policy too.

How do I progress a Service’s delivery after purchase?

If you purchase a Service, you’ll have a purchase receipt emailed to you as well as a Purchase Confirmation after successful checkout.

Both will include links to your Dashboard > MyServices page to progress the deliver of the order. This is done on the Order’s Seller’s Chat page.

How do I progress a Bookable Call after purchase?

If you purchase a Bookable Call, the call details together with downloadable Call Instructions form the Seller are emailed to you after successful checkout.

You can also manage your Booking (including requesting a reschedule) from your Dashboard – under MyBookings.

How do I get the Download after purchase?

If you purchase a Download item, a link to the download file will be emailed to you after successful checkout.

You can also get your download via the download link in the Purchase Confirmation as well as from your Dashboard (under MyDownloads).

Can I contact Sellers with quesitons

Yes there are two ways to contact Seller’s and get answers to quesitons.

On the items page their is a Comments/Quesitons tab wheer you can post questions and get a reposnee from the Seller.

You can also “Contact the Seller”using the form on the Item or Seller’s pages.

What currency are items displayed and sold in?

All items on the marketplace are displayed and sold in US Dollars (US$).

Sales taxes are automatically calculated where relevant so there is no need to calculate additional costs for your region.

What payment options are available at checkout? uses PayPal to process all payments.

Payment at checkout can be made with either with PayPal or Credit Card.

What is the refund policy for items bought on the marketplace?

As the marketplace sells a range of item types – from Digital Downloads to Online Services – the refund policies  are specific for each.

For more information on Refunds and Requesting a Refund please see our Terms of Service.