Help with Selling on StackedGame

Once signed up, you’re ready to explore everything that

To edit your profile on StackedGame navigate to your sellers dashboard.

  • Click on “My Profile” at the bottom of the menu.

Once you are in your profile you will be able to add/ edit the following:

  • Changing your avatar.
  • Changing your First and Last name.
  • Changing your Display Name.
  • Changing or updating your email address.
  • Changing your contact form email.
  • Changing your Paypal earnings.

In the “About You” section.

  • Enter a short description for your area of expertise.
  • A bio summary which will appear next to your article.
  • A full description which will be shown on your seller’s page.
  • List the languages you are comfortable with using with your customers.
  • Enter the country in which you are based.

And finally, you will need to enter your password and confirm your password.

Help with Selling on StackedGame – Video Guide