Uploading and Managing Events

To upload an event navigate to the sellers dashboard, from here locate the My Events tab and click on the dropdown and select Add Events.

To add an event, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter a name for your event.
  2. Then add the event description, this is what will be shown to users that view the event. You can also insert media into the description such as images, Videos, audio clips, etc.
  3. The select the events date & time, if the event is an all day event then tick the “All Day Event” checkbox. If the event is scheduled for multiple days then click on the “Schedule Multiple Events’ and choose the date and times.
  4. Add your events image, this will be used as your events thumbnail. It will be featured on the Event listing.
  5. Select an event category.
  6. Choose the tags for your event.
  7. If your event will be hosted online, then click on the “Configure Virtual Event”.
  8. You can edit the status of the event, leave it as scheduled when uploading it. You can always change it to Cancelled, Postponed or Moved online at a later date.
  9. Enter the venue location of where the event will be hosted.
  10. Add an external link for users to get more information if the need.
  11. Add the games related to the event.
  12. Check the box to mark weather this is an organized event or one of your own events.
  13. Finally add the price of the event, if it is free then leave it blank.

Click Submit.

After submitting your event you will be redirected to the manage events tab in the sellers dashboard, here you will be able to view, edit or delete and events you may have uploaded. You will also see the Upcoming events tab which shows you all of your events that are still coming up and you can see all your past events.

Uploading and Managing Events – Video Guide