Uploading and Managing Items

To upload an item navigate to the sellers dashboard, from your dashboard locate the My Items tab in the left sidebar. Click the dropdown and now select add Items.

 To add a new item you will need to do the following:

  1. Enter a name for the Item.
  2. Now add a short description this will be displayed to all users on the marketplace listing page.
  3. Now add your full description of the item, this will be displayed to users who view your item and want to know more about it. (You can also add all types of media such as Images, Videos or Audio clips.)
  4. Add your Item version.
  5. Select the Country the item is delivered from. (Where you live.)
  6. Select the language that the item is delivered in.
  7. Upload and select your featured image. Here you will see the recommended size to use.
  8. You may also add additional featured media such as a featured audio, video, thumbnail or other featured images.
  9. Now is the pricing section, first you will need to add the name of your pricing option. (For most people this will be named Standard.)
  10. Now enter the price for the standard option.
  11. Now you can enter a sale price if you do not plan on discounting your item the LEAVE it as 0.
  12. If your item will have a downloadable piece of content like a pdf, then you can upload it in the file url section.
  13. Now add a description of the standard option and what it includes, to give a user a better understanding of what they are getting.
  14. Finally click the default checkbox to make this your default price option.
  15. The next section is the FAQ section, this is for you to answer questions for the customer beforehand. So think of yourself as the customer and write down any questions you might have and answer them.
  16. Related items, you can now choose some of your other items to display with this one.
  17. Now you will need to add the category the item is most suited for, then click the ( + ) icon to select the sub-category.
  18. Choose your delivery option.
  19. Choose the game your item is related too, if it is not there feel free to contact support to request for the game to be added.
  20. Select the games platform.
  21. Enter the skill level that will be needed.
  22. Choose the Server location.
  23. Choose a file format, leave blank if not needed.

For online bookable calls your will need to enable it and choose the length of your session, and how many sessions will be available to book. Then enter the price of the session.

Next choose your availability, click the ( + ) icon and add the days that you are available.

Check the box to use the customers time zone.

If the item is a deliverable service then click the “Online Deliverable Service” box.

Now you can add the estimated delivery time of your item, and you will be able to ask questions from you customer beforehand.

Now submit.

After Submission you will be directed to the manage items page, here you will see all your items which you can preview, edit or delete. This also shows you all of your items that are live and all of your items that are pending review. You can also see the number of sales and your earnings on each item.

Uploading and Managing Items – Video Guide